Upside of A Recession

Recessionary periods are a necessary evil in a financial system such as ours to wring out the excesses in the economy. Recessions can be devastating for certain people through job loss and the failure of businesses. But even an economic downturn can have some positive implications. Please see the original post from A Wealth of... Continue Reading →

Who is investing in ETFs in Canada?

As you may know more and more Canadians are gravitating toward low fee Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). In fact they are now ‘out-selling’ or attracting more assets compared to traditional mutual funds. That’s good news of course as Canadians pay the highest mutual funds in the developed world. It’s likely not a surprise that those […]... Continue Reading →

Why investors embrace dividend growth.

Yes there can be an ongoing debate as to whether or not ‘dividends matter’. Certainly that’s a personal decision and if an investor makes the dividends matter, then well, they certainly DO matter because that is the investment style that the investor has embraced. If an investor chooses a dividend growth approach all things dividend […]... Continue Reading →

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