ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) Workshop Part 1 of 3

This workshop offers a broad introduction to ETFs. It also includes a discussion of passive (index) versus active (managed) investing, and compares their performance over the last 5 and 10 years. In Canada, over 90% of actively managed funds underperformed their comparable index over a ten year period. See the SPIVA (S&P Index versus Active)... Continue Reading →

Three strategies to improve after tax income for Canadian retirees

Three strategies to improve after tax income Retirees have different investing needs than pre-retirees. Most want income plus a legacy. Unfortunately, most investing strategies focus on asset accumulation only. That is straightforward. Retirees need strategies that are more complex, that select appropriate income producing investments and hold them in the best accounts (TFSA, RSP, RIF,... Continue Reading →

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