Gold as portfolio insurance. Part 1

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I have been a believer in gold for the past 2 years. I wanted something to act as insurance as the Canadian economy slowed and we waited for the over due recession to hit. Over that time, my main gold investment vehicle, Franco Nevada (FNV) , has returned a total of 94%.  To learn more about FNV, read the interview with their CEO here:


Gold may not be for every investor, but if you are interested, the web site of the World Gold Council, admittedly NOT an unbiased source, provides some good arguments to own gold as a portfolio diversifier in bad times. The website is here:

Gold Council

Full disclosure, I like gold at this point in history, particularly as we enter a period of unforeseen economics and debased currencies as a result of massive government borrowing (Canadian deficit of $200 billion !). I have no idea where it will end but I don’t believe that it will be good.

Coming soon: four options to hold gold in your portfolio.

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