Charts of the Decade

A great article wrapping up the year and decade, which puts a lot of what has occurred in the economies and stock markets into clear context. Of note, the out performance of the US compared to almost all other economies over the past ten years.



Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582. It wasn’t perfect at first because the scientist who developed it for him forget to include leap years, meaning the calendar was slightly too long to match up perfectly with the movements of the solar system. This is because the earth rotates 365.25 times as it…

via Charts of the Decade — A Wealth of Common Sense

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  1. Great reading again Michael, thank you, informative review which help guess what may be ahead. My PF has been above the 10% mark since I became a DIY investor, thanks to your “Investing for Retirees” classes. I wish you and your family the “Very best” for the upcoming … decade: Santé, Bonheur, Prospérité et Longévité. Enjoy life and be happy. Gilbert


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