Investing For Retirees Seminar Day 1

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Welcome to the Investing For Retirees Seminar Day 1.

This very popular seminar (it is in its third iteration and is sold out for in person attendees) has been developed with the specific needs of retirees in mind. The difference between the information contained here and typical investing sites, is that this focusses on how to achieve income as well as growing principle, and to do so in a fashion that optimizes fees and taxes.

The slides presented here are the same as used in the live seminar. If there are things that are not well explained, please post questions or comments in the space provided and I will respond.

The following presentation focusses on the Fundamentals underpinning good portfolio strategy. The second presentation, available on September 20, will focus on Portfolio Development and the range of assets available, as well as their relative merits.


This seminar does not provide individual investing advice but rather provides information so that investors can make more informed and hopefully better investment decisions.  Readers should seek the counsel of qualified investment advisers or conduct their own due diligence.

Good investing.

Please click below for the PowerPoint presentation:

InvSem Day1 Sept 2018



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