Investing For Retirees Seminars, Online begins September 6, 2018.


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Learn how to optimize after tax income and reduce risk


The Investing for Retirees Seminars that I have been giving to members of the Ottawa Branch of National Association of Federal Retirees (NAFR) have been extremely popular and well-received.

I will be repeating the seminar over the course of two mornings in both September and October. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE SEMINARS ARE FULLY BOOKED

• Investing For Retirees Seminar Sept 19 & 26

Investing For Retirees Seminar Oct 24 & 31

There are only 22 seats for each of these seminars as they are held in the Ottawa Branch meeting room. For those of you who are unable to attend or who end up on a waiting list, I wanted to offer an alternative: a six-week online seminar.

This online seminar is designed for retirees who want both tax efficient income and legacy growth. It will cover important aspects of investing strategy such as diversification, asset allocation, tax and fee optimization, and model portfolios. It will also cover Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Preferred Shares and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). There will be one session per week which will take about 30  minutes to view. The Online Seminar will begin September 6. For an example of what to expect, please see the 3 posts titled “ETF Workshop” on this site.

There is no limit to the number of people who can register for the online seminar and you do not have to be a Branch member (although we hope that this seminar and our other member benefits such as MEDOC Travel Insurance will convince you of the value of NAFR membership). Simply enter your email in the space at the bottom of this web page “Follow Blog Via Email” and click on the “Follow” button.

You will automatically receive an email when Session 1 and each subsequent session is posted. Please note that you will need to have PowerPoint or equivalent software installed on your computer to see the seminar slides.

I also would like to give you a heads up about the Ottawa Branch Fall Members’ Meeting at the Ottawa Convention and Event Centre, 200 Coventry Road, on Monday, October 15 starting at 8:00. The theme of the meeting will be Financial Literacy – Better understanding your finances in retirement.

The keynote speaker from the Ontario Securities Commission will address “How to choose and work with an Investment Advisor”. Three additional workshops will be held on “Estate planning”, “Strategies to help improve after-tax investment income”, and “Bonifier ma retraite” (making the most of my retirement)”.

The October 15 meeting is free for Branch members but they can also bring non-member guests. For more information on the October 15 event, please check for updates at this web address: Ottawa Branch Coming Events

Please note that the Investing for Retirees Seminar offered by member Michael Fine and the October 15, 2018 Ottawa Branch Members’ General Meeting will not provide investment advice regarding specific investments. The Ottawa Branch of the National Association of Federal Retirees takes no responsibility for any investment decisions that participants may make.
Ottawa Branch provides information on issues, products and services of general interest to its membership. It does not endorse a particular position on a product or service, as being suitable for individual members, but brings them to the members’ attention so that they can make up their own minds.


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